We are an organisational psychology consultancy firm that provides consultation sessions to private and governmental organisations.

The assignments that land on our desk are about developing people and their workplaces. This can be acheived through a range of activities such as the clarification of job roles or the development of strategies and teams. Whether we work with a single person, a team or a department, we always adopt a holistic perspective and think in terms of the organisation as a whole.
We often work at the University of Copenhagen and Copenhagen Business School, where we teach and supervise masters students in organisational psychology. We obtain our primary professional inspiration from a systemic, narrative and appreciative methodology.

What can you as a client expect from Organisation?

Our strongest competency is our ability to ask questions and listen. During our initial meetings with clients, it often becomes evident that there are many different expectations of the process that the client wants our help with. With this knowledge in the back of our minds, we pay special attention to managers’ as well as employees’ expectations regarding the ways in which the subsequent process will create value for the company. Often, precisely the expectations become the focus that makes it possible for us to help managers and employees to take ownership of the process.