It is not a coincidence that we call ourselves Organisation.

When we solve assignments, we always think in a strategic perspective for the organisation. Consequently, our work focuses on the interplay between strategy, organisation, the group and the individual. Our experience has shown us that real value arises when the organisation’s strategy makes sense for the individual.

Our services are broad:

  • We develop strategies
  • We change existing organisational structures or create completely new ones
  • We conduct team development processes with an outset in strategic initiatives
  • We develop leadership and project manager competency through individual counselling
  • We tailor development processes for leaders and project managers

When we conduct individual counselling, it is not only about making the individual succeed. The individual also develops within the organisation.

During the design phase of an assignment, we always focus on making sure everyone in the company is aware of the aim of the project and has the necessary resources to achieve it. This means that we strive to establish a clear framework and roles early on in the process.

We are highly professional regarding both psychology and organisation. We work systematically, appreciatively and narratively, while at the same time we have a solid knowledge of the state-of-the-art in research and theory within the fields of leadership and organisations.

Our clients often say that we listen and challenge at the same time.

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