Consultation Sessions



Professional consultation sessions give people the opportunity to analyse, recognise and act. It is only when the manager recognises that his anger scares the employees that he finds the will to do something about it.

Many people doubt whether they are making the right choices. We help professionals to make a decision and make it the right one. We do not give advice about which decisions should be made, but rather we actively participate in the process. And we help you to live with the decisions you have made.

We listen, ask questions and work both in an appreciative and challenging way.

In your sessions with us, you can share your doubts in a confidential setting. Instead of thinking of the doubt as an unproductive blind alley, we think of it as a gift. The doubt makes us sharper if we work with it in an explorative and curious manner.

We work with different elements in our professional consultation:

  • We give you questions for reflection
  • You have the opportunity to discuss concrete problems
  • You have the opportunity to conduct a reality check in relation to yourself and your company
  • You will be presented with new ideas, models and tools
  • You can expect your view of the world to be challenged

We are supervised on an ongoing basis because we know that it heightens our professionalism.