We help leaders to succeed in the company which sets the frame for their leadership. This demands leaders who are ready in words, and that the people who are being led accept the terms that their job offers. Every now and then, help from outside is necessary to reach this point.

Leaders have to look ahead and steady the course, but at the same time they must not lose their followers. This can be a difficult balancing act that requires good timing in order to judge when one should deliver one’s messages.

The everyday work in a company is constantly changing, which is often a crucial factor when a leader has to prioritise tasks. The same applies to theories and leadership strategies. This means that leaders must navigate in a world where strategies and work descriptions must be constantly put into practice in close interaction with the employees.

We are often hear leaders tell us that their personal values are being challenged by, e.g. the actions of employees, budget cuts, or by new strategies that have to be implemented. This creates dilemmas that call for new strategies of action.

One thing we strive for is that the leader be clear in his/her communication as this creates trust and confidence amongst the employees and other leaders. Leaders often tell us that the leadership development they are going through is helping to minimise uncertainty and loneliness.

When we facilitate a leadership development process, we try to ensure that the leader does not invent her own personal style out of thin air. There are great gains to be had from learning about scientific results, leadership methods and other leaders’ ways of doing things. In our eyes, the challenge of leadership should not be tackled solely by the individual.