Project-based work is a modern way of working that, on the surface at least, seems to have penetrated many companies. However, at most companies there is a wide gap between airy visions of strengthened project work and the daily operations. The company must reflect on why it wants to conduct project work and how it is going to set a frame within which the projects can succeed.

We help organisations by:

  • Developing a model for project-based work that takes both the daily operations and the projects into consideration
  • Educating and developing project managers
  • Facilitating project group work
  • Acting as a sparring partner for project managers
  • Facilitating dialogue between project managers and the organisation.

Project work has huge potential for creating pride in the organisation and for the individual. Being able to point at the Øresund Bridge and say, “I helped build that,” gives a feeling of pride, even though one may have only put in a small bolt.

Managing a project from start to finish is to a large degree about leading a group of people who have to solve a common task – with all the trials and tribulations that arise along the way. Job satisfaction among the project participants is key if the project is to proceed smoothly, and ensuring job satisfaction is an important task for project managersof ensuring this.

Unfortunately, many companies experience a clash between project work and the daily operations. Project work focuses on cross-cutting development and this can conflict with the base organisation’s focus on achieving results within the traditional organisational departments. This clash is often an expression of a lack of organisational clarity about the aims of the project work and how they are to be achieved.
ORGANISATION helps companies to clarify these important aspects.